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Strategic Humor Institute

Humor is Strategy To Gain Trust, Engage, Connect, Persuade and Convert


The Power Of Humor Can Be Seen Everywhere

And the line between the business world and the entertainment world is closer than ever

Have you noticed it’s no longer enough to be good at what you do? You also need to be funny, entertaining, likable, and charismatic.

That sounds like a stand-up comedian, doesn’t it?

The Strategic Humor Institute is a customized corporate edutainment and training program that combines the craft of stand-up comedy, public speaking & storytelling. It is designed to give advanced and practical techniques on how to leverage the power of humor, to win in business, and all aspects of life. The focus is on learning the tools of a stand-up comedy. You’ll learn how to effectively apply them to lead with laughter and make punch lines improve bottom lines.

Learn from Las Vegas Headliner & Humor Scientist, Matt Kazam, how leaders, managers, and sales teams can leverage the science of humor and human behavior for amazing and fun results.

Strategic Humor InstituteVirtual Training System

Curriculum Includes

  • Stand Up Comedy Tools for Public Speaking
  • LOL 101: Get Funny Fast
  • Leading with Humor & Empathy
  • Stand Up & Sell: Unlock Your Sales Performer
  • Stand Up Comedy: The Blueprint
  • Humor & Social Media
  • They Laugh, You Win! Using Humor to get What you Want
  • Using Humor to Write Copy That Converts

And Much Much More…

Humor is strategy and is like nothing else you are doing

Humor & tapping the science of Stand-Up Comedy is the secret sauce to making you a more powerful & impactful speaker, a better sales professional, a more effective leader and a blueprint for getting everything you want out of life. In the case of a tie the funnier person is going to win.

Get the competitive advantage that only humor can provide!

Special Early Enrollment Pricing of $499 for Lifetime Access

Users get access to a Private Facebook Group
where they’re directly connected with Matt for additional advice and tips

Regular Price: $998

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Team Pricing $399/month up to 15 users.

*For larger teams please call 888-895-4843 for special pricing!

Humor is Serious Business. You are not as funny as you should be, and your company is suffering because of it.
Joel Slein, Stanford Business
If you can learn the humor of a people and really control it, you know that you are also in control of nearly everything else.
Harvard Business Review
Humor may seem like a strange thing to look for when hiring, but I’ve found that it is an excellent indicator of a person’s intelligence, confidence, and overall temperament. Over the years, it has been the people who can laugh and learn who have succeeded.
The business world is taking a serious look at the role that fun, play, and humor contribute to an optimal work environment and to increased productivity.
Properly used humor serves many good purposes. It builds relationship among employees or with bosses, helps workers maximize their innovative thinking, defuses tension and stress, increases productivity and makes people happier.
USA Today
Accountemps polled 2,200 CFO’s, they founded a majority appreciate comedic chips in the workplace. Humor can lighten things up, and it can help build culture.
Southwest The Magazine
Workplace Humor Has Some Unexpected benefits.
Grant Hilary Brenner M.D., Psychology Today


With nearly 30 years’ experience and over 6,500 shows as a stand-up comedian, including over a thousand corporate events, Matt Kazam is THE expert on the science of humor. Matt’s expertise lies in teaching business professional, corporate leaders and sales teams, in every industry, how to develop lighthearted communication skills, transform company culture, and make punch lines improve bottom lines.

Whether as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer or conducting a learning event, Matt has a unique ability to teach the tools of stand-up comedy into an effective applicable program for any profession. From lawyers to doctors, teachers to corporate leaders, activists to actors, everyone can benefit from using humor and the acquiring the skills of a stand-up comedian.

Matt has been a corporate trainer for the past 15 years, as well as a guest lecturer at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. In these programs, he provides continuing education on public speaking and humor, for some of the country’s leading thinkers, professionals and artists.


Kevin Harrington
Clint Arthur with Celebrity Launch Pad
John Ratliff with Align 5 Advisors
Mark Timm with Exponential
Jessica Steele with Color More Lines
Shari Aldrich with Body Mechanics School of Massage
Joe Fuld with The Campaign Workshop
AJ Mihrzad at Online Super Coach
Matt is a true master at his craft that he’s honed for decades. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Matt but also bringing him into a unique event I run for high-level entrepreneurs. Matt’s session using comedy in presentations and for advancing your business was one of the highlights for attendees. I’d highly recommend getting Matt for his unique skillset. It’s pretty incredible working with him.
Yanik Silver, CEO Maverick 1000
Matt is hilarious and educational at the same time. This is truly a craft he has perfected over many years of hard work and we appreciated him showing us how the power of laughter is not exclusive to comedians. His application to the business world is seamless and can help professionals become better leaders and speakers through humor. I highly recommend Matt!!
Michael Kramer, Sr Leadership Manager, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Matt Kazam helped me wrap my head around using humor in my business. An entire page of notes later, I’m ready to write out a script for Matt to read. Sometimes it was like Matt had taken up residence in my head – spot on!! Thanks Matt!!
Shari Aldrich, President Body Mechanics Corporation
Matt Kazam is the guy that turned me from a shaking mess on stage in front of my class — to someone that can speak and ENJOY it in front of …any sized group at any time, and use humor to make it fun for all. In the process I also greatly improved my writing skills.
Dawn Lodge Golden, Founder Elastic Interactive
Matt Kazam is a rock star. His methodology for explaining the science behind adding humor makes it easy to rapidly improve your presentation and speaking. His coaching is spot on and immediately made a difference in the audience’s reaction to my message.
Kirk Drake, CEO, CU 2.0
When I told a colleague about taking your seminar, his follow-up question was “What did you learn?” I was able to talk for the next 10 minutes about what I had learned and could have talked for 2 hours… everybody at the table was completely spellbound as I shared the basic principles I learned from you. I have had many other comedians since mentor, instruct and advise me along the way. No one has ever contradicted those basic tenets I learned from you.
Kenny Robinson, Seminar Attendee
I highly recommend the program to anyone. I’m actually excited about getting on stage again now.
Dr. Trey Weis, CEO Weis Pediatric Dentistry
You are the reason I got over my fear of public speaking and I use the tools I learned in your seminar almost everyday. ! It has been a great addition to my life!
Ken Watter, CEO Watter CPA